Handmade Card = Many Smiles

Who would you give this sweet card to? Your mother? Your sister? Your dear friend? Can you imagine the smile that will light up their face? I can. I think of that every time I make a card. I assemble all the embellishments until I myself smile and then I know it's done and ready to brighten someone's day.
Are you ready to fill someone's day with smiles? I invite you to take a quick trip to my Etsy shop to find handmade cards and so much more.

Alice In Wonderland Chunky Charm

Another reason I enjoy making custom charms is my clients expand my thinking when it comes to themes for charms. Recently I shared some pictures of a custom order on Instagram, for example, and soon after received 2 messages of clients who wanted one too. I love how custom orders keep me in touch with what's trending and help me take more chances.

Upcoming Card Making Workshop

Preparations are underway for my upcoming Card Making Workshop to be held on 7/28/17 in beautiful Littleton, CO. I am so excited to spend an evening with friends making cards and tags. It has been so much fun planning out fun projects we can make. These pictures of just 2 of the projects I've prepared. Visit my FB page for more details.

Custom Orders A Welcome Challenge 

Do you know why I love custom orders? The challenge. As an artist specializing in paper and jewelry I welcome custom orders for the simple reason that they challenge my skills. I love taking my client’s idea and making it come true. Many of my clients are travelers notebook and junk journal user. Making a special chunky charm to complement their travelers notebooks and junk journals is my absolute pleasure. I can match the beads and charms to enhance the beauty of the leather or the paper journals. Here are just a few samples of custom charms. Follow me on Etsy and Instagram to stay on top of what I’m working on. 😉

Father’s Day Gift Card Holders 

With Father’s Day around the corner I decided to make Father’s Day cards for the special occasion. Then I got to thinking, what dad’s really want is the opportunity to choose the gift themselves. I have absolutely no clue what tool he needs in his workshop, what golf club he prefers for his golf game or what fishing pole he prefers. So the solution is get him a gift card and present it to him in these beautiful handmade gift card holders personalized with some of our guys favorite hobbies. It’s easy and thoughtful and they’ll love it. Here are some pictures and I even added a YouTube video to my 481 Designs channel so you can see more of the details. Want to bring some home for your special guy visit my Etsy shop for all the available gift card holders. 

Happy Birthday Card

Birthdays are a real blessing and should be celebrated with happy cards and yummy cake. Make the next birthday card you send a handmade one to show the recipient they are extra special. 

Visit my Etsy shop 481 Designs 

Chunky Charms 

Chunky Charms because a little sparkle is always a good thing. I have been making jewelry for years and these charms are a new exciting project for me. I recently started using a planner again as a way to organize projects for my business. Of course the next logical step is how can I add some bling to it. 😉 I came up with these versatile charms that can embellish not just a planner but purses, backpacks, bibles, work bags, gym bags, keychains, etc. They’re chunky and full of sparkle. They have a variety of beads and findings. Since each one has a different combination each one is unique. I’ve listed these already in my Etsy shop with plans to add more colors soon. Message through Etsy if you have a special color in mind. I’m happy to make you a custom piece. 

Junk Journal Love 💕

I’m really happy with my latest Junk Journal. The colors are lovely and the vintage book pages add wonderful balance of old and new. I also like the seam binding closure. Particularly because it will help hold all the memories in safe and in place. I’m also including lots and lots of extras with my Etsy listing so you can add your personal touch.  Here’s a video of the album. I hope you enjoy it. 

Valentine’s Day Junk Journal YouTube video


Valentine’s Day Junk Journal

The most rewarding part of my work is having the freedom to try new things. I am kinda obsessing over Junk Journals lately and had a wonderful time creating one for Valentine’s Day. I created a video for my YouTube channel to showcase some of the album details. My super helpful daughter volunteered to turn the pages while I recorded. She is so sweet and I think she did such a good job. (Proud mama momment) =)

The album is listed in my Etsy shop and you can read about all the extra goodies included with the album. I want you to have fun embellishing it and adding your personal touch to it. 😉